Bombay House Magazine is a curated collection of modern, Indian-inspired design, decor and lifestyle content from a global community of voices.

We feature Indian design and culture blended with local style and creative expression from around the world. We explore unconventional paths — how to be true to who we are and where we came from, while embracing new ideas and evolving with modern times. You don’t have to look hard or sift through a bunch of junk to get what you want. We bring you the very best of the blend to inspire your journey as you build a life that is beautiful and truly you.

The Bombay House Vision

Improve the quality of life for people everywhere through beauty, culture and economic opportunities.

Inspired by the beauty of Indian design and culture and its positive influence around the world, the Bombay House Magazine and Marketplace was built to connect creatives and makers to the patrons and buyers of their work. The economy generated through Bombay House supports the success of independent artisans and small-business owners across the globe, helping us to get their work and talent out to a broader audience.

The Bombay House Ethos

Find Your Happy Place.

Bombay House is about a happy and full life, rich with beautiful design, yummy food, travel, appreciation for all cultures, and the mix of the old world and modern. We’re about creativity, diversity, unconventional paths, and care and understanding of how things are made. We value nature, family, wellness, connection to the soul, and service.

The Bombay House Intention

Build Bridges.

We harness the power of design, style and media to build intercultural, intergenerational, and ideological bridges. We are creating a repository and record that captures the evolving Indian Culture for future generations, to remember what’s precious as we continue to evolve and expand. We want to encourage people who are thinking about taking an unconventional path, to take one, and those who are already taking one, to keep going. We are cultivating a thriving global community of people exploring cultural intersection and blend. We inspire confidence and infuse everyday life with beauty, thoughtfulness, and enthusiasm.

Come be a part of our world and add your own unique flavor.