Ushi Patel

Founder & Creative Director, Bombay House

Ushi is a creative director, designer, poet, and the founder of Bombay House Magazine. She is a first generation Indian-American, born and raised in beautiful California.


She’s passionate about inspiring people who are thinking about taking an unconventional path, to take one, and those who are already taking one, to keep going. She aims to inspire confidence and infuse everyday life with beauty, thoughtfulness, and enthusiasm.


Through Bombay House, Ushi is harnessing the power of design and media to build intercultural, intergenerational, and ideological bridges. She travels the world to find artisans, writers, and producers that blend Indian culture with their local vibe. She is creating a repository and record that captures the evolving Indian and South Asian Culture for future generations, to remember what’s precious as we continue to evolve and expand. She is cultivating a thriving global community of people exploring cultural intersection and blend.


Throughout her 15-year career in brand strategy and design, she has helped hundreds of multicultural brands design their identity, share their story, and distinguish themselves in the marketplace. Ushi is the author of Brave the Unknown (Skywriter Books), her debut collection of poetry and winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award. She is a graduate of RIT’s College of Imaging Arts and Sciences with an MBA from their College of Business, where she was also an All-American volleyball player and NCAA record holder.

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