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Serve “Cacao & Cardamom” Artisan Chocolates at Your Next Event


By Ushi Patel



It seems we turn on the news and there is one bummer after the other (yes, I know, I just started a chocolate article like that!). But what better way to uplift the spirits and spread some joy than chocolate. I find on the other side of bad news are millions of inspiring people, doing great things – contributing joy through their art. This is the feeling I get with Annie Rupani, a South Asian Chocolatier from Houston, Texas and owner of Cacao & Cardamom (did I mention she was Miss Pakistan World 2010).


Not only has she taken an unconventional path, she has done so with excellence and artistry – take a bite of her Cardamom Rose chocolate and you’ll taste what I mean. Guava Tamarind, Salted Macadamia, Garam Masala Pistachio, Mango Caramel and Coco Curry equally yummy! Not too sweet and infused with flavors from her upbringing and travels.



Throughout Rupani’s time at law school, she studied abroad in London and Amman with stops in Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, and China. During her law school admissions exam, as a stress relief she took breaks by reading books about chocolatiering. After graduation she went to Pakistan to do charity work and realized that chocolate more than law, fed her soul.

She found a chocolatiering course in Malaysia and later interned with a chef in Houston making chocolates for his restaurant during the day and working on her own at night. She started with an online shop and then opened her first storefront in Houston, offering specialty drinks and gelato in addition to chocolates. She takes an uncompromising all-natural approach and is passionate about helping people understand what they are eating. Her shop features a spice bar so customers who aren’t familiar with ingredients like cardamom, black sesame, or Chinese five-spice can smell. The shop walls are full of pictures of the bean-to-bar process and descriptors of the origins of Cacao.

If you are not a local to Houston or don’t plan on visiting soon, consider gifting or serving Cacao & Cardamom by Annie Rupani at your next event. Your guests will love her globally inspired artisanal flavors, beautifully painted forms, and story.

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  • I absolutely adore this shop. To think of chocolate and Cardamom together is heavenly. Thanks for introducing me to this!


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