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Pretty Patio Planters


By Ushi Patel


Available @ West Elm


Planters are one of the most versatile outdoor accessories, especially if you want to add impact without spending a lot of money. Plants are stylish and add texture and color to your home and garden. Here are a mix of finishes and sizes that will enhance your patio or outdoor entertaining spaces.



1 | Weathered Cement


Available @ Abbot Collection


Available @


2 | Aged Brass


Available @ The Mine


3 | Sleek and Modern


Available @ Modernica


4 | Metal and Stone


Available @ Birch Bear and Bee


5 | Brushed Brass


Available @ Lustere Living


Available @ Lustere Living


6 | Metal Waves


Available @


7 | Riveted Ceramic



Available @ Bloomingville


8 | Seagrass Basket


Available @ A Monochromist


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