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Modernizing the Indian Swing


By Ushi Patel



I remember sitting on the swing with my great grandfather, Govindji Patel, in Rayam, our village, in Gujarat, India. He’d come in after a long days work on the farm, visit my great grandmother, Lakshmi Patel, in the kitchen to inquire about her day. Then he’d take a 20 minute rest on the swing, what he later shared were his moments to recount his blessings and give thanks for the day. He loved the breeze because it cooled his body, he loved the rhythm and flow because it quieted his mind. I too loved that time, one of the few I would spend with him in this lifetime, receiving unspoken wisdom from a lineage yearning for legacy.

Life is way faster now, but the tradition of the Indian swing still lives on in homes across India, in the worlds throughout our world. The verandas and inner spaces were much larger in the time of my great grandfather, but today designers have modernized swings to fit in smaller spaces and integrate with contemporary interiors. Consider one for your space, an invitation to converse and spend quality time with a loved one, or as I’ve come to enjoy, an effective method to stimulate the imagination and creativity.



How to Modernize your Indian Swing

Here are some modern swing designs to inspire your space, each tailored for specific style preferences. Make sure you talk to your designer or contractor to ensure proper installation, but have some fun and enjoy the expansive benefits of a great tradition from the context of a new perspective.


The Surfer Swing

Take a flat, natural wood surface, give it a polish and pair it with natural nautical rope for that laid back, earthy feel. Deepika not include.

Image Source: @JaipurRugs


The Loft Swing

Opt for vibrant nautical rope colors with a traditional wooden base and bright cushions to enliven a large living room or loft space.


Image Source: Architectural Digest, Interior photographer: Fabien Charuau, Portrait photographer: Burman


The Writer’s Swing

Bring some character to an unused corner of your patio, where you can enjoy the light and blooms, kickstarting your creativity Hemingway style.


Image Source: Playa Grande Beach Club


The French, Southern Belle Swing

Use a warm gray french country finish on the wood and natural nautical rope for a relaxing, yet elegant southern or farmhouse porch feel.


Image Source: Kelli Boyd Photography, Leah Bailey Designs


The Euro Swing

Try black leather or wicker with black or dark steel rope for an edgy vibe. This will work in gunmetal and navy blue too.

Image Source: Paola Lenti


The San Francisco Swing

Use sustainable light wood and eco-textiles to brighten up small outdoor spaces.

Image Source: Cloud Mill Design

The Teen-Retreat Swing

Make a private nook for studying (snap-chatting) for your teen, using plank wood, distressed nautical ropes, and oversized printed cushions.

Image Source: Hans Blomquist


The Solo Swing

Mix natural woods and ropes with brushed metals to build a simple, but chic, solo swing in your room or office, giving you that much needed space for some quiet, reflective time.

Image Source: Chris Loves Julia


Image Source: The Ovis Hanging Chair @TheFuturePerfect


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