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Poopourri: If Your Poop is Cray, Use this Spray


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Yes! It’s a real product. And Yes, it works. Poopourri liberated us from the ever-embarrassing odor of pooping in public – you know, when you’re at a party, at the office, or worse yet at the house of new guy or gal your dating. A few sprays into the toilet bowl on the water’s surface before you go and the natural essential oils create a barrier, trapping odor under the surface.

There are a variety of scents but love DÉJÀ POO with white flowers and citrus. We’ve got’em in our bathrooms and purses ladies! We all poop and we all stink (even cheerleaders), and Founder Suzy Batiz has created a novel solution that she says, “inspires you to confidently own your thrown!” We agree.

Why We Love Poopourri.



This is no joke. You know how when you eat certain foods it’s not pretty coming out the other end. Poopourri takes care of the stinkiest of doodies. If not for yourself, do it for the rest of humanity who uses the toilet right after you.


Aerosol sprays are suffocating. You can actually breath freely after a few sprays of Poopourri. There are no harsh chemicals so its good for you and the environment.

Tickles Your Funny Bone

The product makes for great conversation and giggles. The entire Poopourri website, advertising and vibe makes you crack up. We’re all about uplifting happy-making products.

Women entrepreneur

At the helm of Poopourri is another amazing women entrepreneur doing her thang!


If Your Poop is Cray, Use this Spray! GO HERE.


And for sh*ts and giggles, watch this:


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