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Grow Your Own Chillies: The Hot Pepper Starter Kit


By Ushi Patel



My great grandparents and parents have green thumbs. Me, not so much. I love cooking with fresh herbs and the idea of developing gardening skills, but let’s face it, I’ve got a packed schedule and a tiny garden. When I stumbled upon Potted Shed Creations Starter Kits on Etsy, I easily and quickly got my plant lady on!

They’ve got a variety of herbs and botanicals to choose from. The Organic Five-Alarm Hot Pepper (Capsicum annuum) Starter Kit featured here gives you everything to start organic seed and, once seedlings have grown, transplant to an outside garden or container for harvest. These long slim peppers have a heat rating of 30,000-50,000 Scoville Units. They are great in sauces, wonderful for Indian dishes or dried for pepper flakes. This variety is prolific and grows well in both containers and outside spaces.


Why We Love Potted Shed Creations Hot Pepper Starter Kit


Good for Small Spaces

The kits are perfect for creating your own kitchen garden.


Each kit comes with everything you need plus easy-to-follow instructions.

Unique Gift

The packaging is super cute. They have anything from sweet peppers and lavender to mint, parsley and thyme. The kits make great event favors or holiday gifts. They’ve got some kits for kids too!

Artisan Quality

All Potted Shed Creations products are made in Idaho by hand, one piece at a time, using only the finest materials. The studio is a renovated 1970’s elementary school.

If you are looking to start your own kitchen garden or for a unique gift, try Potted Shed Creations Starter Kits.

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