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Spice Monger: Getting Spices From a Place You Trust


By Ushi Patel


Photo Via Spice Monger


When I was young, the Indian spice craze hadn’t hit the United States. My grandmother would send spices to my mother and aunts through visitors traveling from India since high quality spices weren’t readily available. The women of our household would then spend their Sunday morning toasting, sifting, and mixing – each one preparing their spice kit (masala dabbas) for the next few months until the arrival of the next batch. My brother and I would play underneath the table where they worked, listening to their stories about navigating life in a new place.
Spices were never something they would just find on a shelf, buy and then toss into food with perfectly measured amounts. They used their hands to gently and lovingly place the spices in the dishes they were preparing. No recipes, only intuition.

Everyone had their signature flavors and twists, the taste, color and smell telling the story of who they are.


Times have changed and Indian Spices are now available at almost any specialty grocery store and most mainstream ones too. With so many choices, our readers and friends often ask how to discern what brands are good or who they can trust to fill their spice kits. We were so happy to come across Spice Monger.
Spice Monger spices are USDA certified organic, hand-packed in small batches, steam sterilized with no harmful chemicals involved. Their spices are sourced from small, family-owned, certified organic farms in the Indian district of Wayanad, Kerala. They only source from Fair Trade Certified cooperatives to ensure that farmers get a fair price. Plus Spice Monger spices are fragrant and delicious, standing up to the most discriminating taste buds (aka our dads and uncles).
We love that you can tack the spices on to your Amazon orders: Go Here
They’ve got great prices and an easy-to-navigate website as well: Go Here
We think their kits make great gifts: Go Here


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