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Edible Floral, Herbaceous, and Botanical Ice Cubes


By Ushi Patel


Photo By: Ginny Branch


These little lovelies are perfect for a spring or summer party. They are easy to make and will delight your guests, adding subtle flavors to cocktails, sprucing up mocktails, and enhancing sparkling water.


• Water
Silicone ice cube trays
• Herbs, berries and/or edible blossoms. Here’s a reference list.




Step 01

Use distilled bottled water to make ice cubes crystal clear. Bring water to a bowl twice, cooling after each boil.

Step 02

For a suspended look, fill tray a quarter of the way up, and add the flower (facing down), herb or fruit. Then fill halfway and freeze. Add more water to fill to the top, and freeze again.

Step 03

Use in cocktails, spritzers or as a decorative element when chilling Champagne or White Wine (as pictured below).

artisanrug2Image Source: We Are All Stardust


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