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Design Hack: Using Artisan Knobs and Pulls for A Mini Makeover


By Ushi Patel


Photo By: Ushi Patel


Design is in the details. By shifting the details you can transform the bigger picture – it’s true of life and design.

My personal design style has evolved over time, depending on my travels and life experience I may be in the mood for french country or modern farmhouse. Sometimes I love Indo-Chic or Boho-Minimalist. At other times, I’m on my own planet. I think our spaces should evolve as we do. I’ve discovered that you don’t have to spend a bunch of money or invest in an overhaul to do so.

Recently, I used a simple Ikea design hack to bring back the old world Indian charm to my minimalist Nordic phase. You can also use this idea to freshen up kitchen cabinets or bedroom side tables as well. If you’ve got time and motivation paint the piece before changing out the knobs and pulls.




Step 01

Brave the world of Ikea mayhem and get yourself a Hemnes Piece. The Ikea Hemnes shape is nice and clean, making it an ideal foundation for a lot of different knob and pull styles. If you’re willing to spend a little bit extra, have them deliver and make it for you. You can also use TaskRabbit if they’re in your area to hire someone, saving you the trouble of wrestling with the instructions (although it’s pretty easy)

Step 02

Choose your Knobs and Pulls. If you do a search on using key words “Knob” and “Pull” you’ll get a variety of options and styles. The ones in the pictures below, and a Bombay House favorite, is Forge Hardware Studio. They’ve got a great selection, super quick turnaround, and great customer service. They’re located in the United States but ship both domestically and internationally.

Step 03

Remove old knobs and screw in new ones. I keep the old knobs to use for future projects just use a coat of brushed gold or matter silver spray paint and pop them on your next upgrade.





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