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When you Set A Beautiful Table, Friends will Gather


By Ushi Patel



I saw the title of this article, “When you Set A Beautiful Table, Friends will Gather” on the menu at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Quinto Sol in the San Francisco Bay Area. Owner and entrepreneurial maven, Helana Sol, shared that these words describe how she’s built her family and are the inspiration behind the series of successful restaurants.
Setting a beautiful table is an art form, and shows your guests you care. For centuries people have gathered at the table, sharing stories, giving thanks, witnessing heartbreaks, celebrating triumphs, forging partnerships and at times coming together to find common ground after a rift.

In our home, one of the rituals I appreciated most growing up, is that no matter what we had scheduled that day or how busy life got, we always ate dinner together as a family. The table was always set — daily it was simple, and for special occasions an artful array of tableware, textiles and florals.

The thought and preparation that go into your tablescapes is meditative and stay with people long after the meal – comforting them, inspiring them to slow down and savor, and encouraging them to take the time to notice the beautiful details of life. They feel love, joy and appreciation in a table well set.
You don’t have to be an artist or designer to create a beautiful tablescape – follow the mood of the season, the textures of your meal, and personality of your guests. Here are some great ideas for tablescapes to inspire your next gathering. Go the extra mile and see what magic unfolds.



Use bright fruit, colorful florals, patterned linen, and gifts with interesting packaging (soap, chocolate, jams etc.) for layer and texture


artisanrug2Image Source: Cynthia Martyn Events


artisanrug2Image Source: Cynthia Martyn Events


Use globally inspired textiles and patterns, with brass or colored glass votives, lantern and vases. Incorporate a single, highly unique floral against a neutral toned foundation of tables, linens and chairs


Image Source: Found Vintage Rentals


Image Source: Tirtha Bridal


Use an embroidered or textured table cloth with garden roses and succulents. At metal elements to ground the look.


Image Source: Larissa Cleveland Photography


Image Source: Larissa Cleveland Photography


Image Via: The Jungalow, Photo By Desi Baytan


Image Source: Photo by Chelsey Boatwright


Use a natural foundation with shares of pale pink, champagne, and brushed gold.


Image Source: Amorology


Image Source: Amorology

Use a sprig of herb or a small plant cutting.


Image Source: Jen Huang


Use stone, geodes, crystal and brass for an out-of-this-world feeling.


Image Source: Sawyer Baird


Image Source: Sawyer Baird


Use plants and botanicals.


Image Source: Hannah Shelby


Image Source: Stacy Mccain

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