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Artisan Rugs: A Quick and Easy Refresh for Your Space


By Ushi Patel



When designing your space, it’s sometimes hard or overwhelming to know where to start. I recommend establishing a foundation to spark the creativity. Choose one element and then build your design story around it. A rug is a great place to start because of its power and prominence in the space – it pulls focus and grounds the room.

Rugs add character and depth. They are also an easy, non-disruptive way to change up a room without spending a bunch on of money and losing your sanity on a renovation. Interior design operates on trends, so if white cabinets, French marble and brushed gold hit the scene, you’ll start to see it in a lot of homes.

A rug can make all the difference by adding a touch of you to the space. Plus you can change the rug seasonally to add variety to your world.

These designers have done just that, weaving a beautiful and rich story with their placement and choice of rugs. Have some fun designing and see how you can transform your space into something you love and adore – something that reflects who you are.


The Modern Alchemist

Try nomadic patterns with modern fixtures and streamlined cabinets. The contrast is interesting and warming, begging a conversation (and hides spaghetti sauce).

Photo Via: Studio McGee

The Red Carpet

Try a pop of color to brighten a small entryway and welcome people into your home

Photo Via: Kate Marker Interiors


The Man Cave

Try a dark color to ground and enrich the space, setting the mood for your gent’s new found freedom.

Photo Via: Vintage Industrial Design

The Perfect Blend

Try old world artisan design with modern furniture and accessories from your travels.

Photo Via: Rue Mag, Interior by Ashley Clark, Photo by Ryan Garvin


The Dream Catcher

Try rich and bold contrasting color and patterns for a balance of masculine and feminine.

Photo Via: Redo Home & Design, Interior by Mitzi Maynard, Photo by Alyssa Rosenheck


The Sanctuary

Try a colorful and geometric pattern to warm up and bring character to your bathroom.


Photo Via: Style Me Pretty


The Bright Spot

Try vibrant colors that pick up on your abstract art.


Photo Via: Apartment Therapy, By Caryn’s House of Boys (With Plenty of Pink)

Whether you are looking to refresh your space, or are starting a design project from scratch, consider choosing the rug first. Be original! Find one that speaks to your story, enriching your space and inviting conversation with those who visit.


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