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Weaving in India: A Story in Every Knot


By Ushi Patel



Rug weaving is an age-old art that has been past down from one generation to the next. In addition to its common use in décor, rugs were traditionally used for prayer or gathering places and were passed down as heirlooms. If you find the right source for the rug, you will find a story in every knot. I love Jaipur Living’s new collection Artisan Row for this reason. Here’s the story behind the weavers and designs.



Artisan Row by Jaipur Living

Sure they have lead the rug industry for years, but to my surprise Jaipur Living remains relatively unknown in the auntie network or Indophile scene.

At Bombay House, we are a fan and advocate of Jaipur Living because of their respect for the age-old craft of weaving, their modern take on traditional designs, and their accessible price points (did I mention a transformative business model in which the entire supply chain is empowered, an inspiring founder and a kick–butt woman CEO at the helm of her family business).



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